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Environmental Services
Asbestos & Lead Abatement
LANG has been building a reputation as the best asbestos and lead abatement contractor in our areas of operation.

Over 80% of our business is based on long term contracts and relationships.

We provide removal and disposal of all material in compliance with OSHA, NESHAPS DOT, AHERA, TSCA and EPA standards. 

Our experience and personnel allow us perform our services while stringently adhering to Safety Standards/Regulations.


Florida State University

University of South Florida

Jacksonville Electric Authority

Pinellas County Schools

Grand Ol' Opry

Indoor Environmental Quality
While indoor environmental quality involves the removal of dust from ductwork, Lang does much more than just "duct cleaning". LEI removes any microbial contamination found in the ductwork, which the EPA has recently cited as the most common cause of Building Related Illness (BRI), locate and eliminate the source of the problem and decontaminate the affected building components.

We treat all appropriate surfaces with this safe and effective anti-microbial solution as a final protective measure.


Florida Governor's Mansion

City of Boynton Beach

Hazardous Material Remediation
LANG has performed Hazardous Material Remediation in the form of decontamination, removal, treatment, disposal and demolition. 

Our primary niche in this service area has been Superfund Site clean up. Since our mission is to be the best at what we do, we have consciously avoided trying to be all things to all clients in this service area. We have successfully developed networking relationships with other firms to complement our expertise and enhance their ability to respond quickly in this complex filed.


Kennedy Space Center
Hydrocarbon Burn Facility

Super Fund Site - Tampa

Mesothelioma Cancer Info

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