Environmental Services 

University of South Florida Project

In the summer of 1986, LEI won the first bid to perform asbestos removal work at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Before the year was over, we were awarded and completed two more projects there. From 1987 to 1989, work continued on a bid basis.

In 1990, Lang Environmental won a term contract which lasted for three years.  When the contract was re-bid in 1993, LEI won it again, not just for the three year term, but also two additional option years. In 1998, we won the third straight contract with USF and in 2003 we won the fourth straight contract this time extending until 2006 with two additional option years. In April 2006 LANG Environmental signed a 1 year renewal option with U.S.F. , which now extends our contract to April 2007.

During this period of time, Lang has responded to every asbestos problem that the university has had. This has not been limited to just normal planned projects, but also includes many emergencies where we have responded within 1-2 hours (sometimes on a Sunday night) to solve a critical problem that presented itself.



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