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Disaster Recovery

LEI is Ready to Undertake Any Disaster Recovery Project

Since 1987, LEI has been a well known provider of onsite disaster recovery solutions across the State of Florida and the Southeast.

We work closely with insurance companies, businesses, healthcare facilities, school systems, universities and the Private Sector to insure a rapid and cost effective recovery from unexpected disasters.

LANG can provide debris cleanup, selective demolition and restorative reconstruction. We also have the qualified manpower to perform abatement and disposal of hazardous materials that are common to disaster sites. 

Because of our centralized location and organizational structure, we are able to respond to a disaster site within hours of your notice during normal business hours. We have in place a 24 hour answering service so that an immediate response can be mobilized.

Our key personnel are available on a 24-hour basis to insure immediate attention.


Hurricane Wilma Disaster Recovery U.S. Naval Air Stations in Key West, Florida
Wilma struck Key West, Florida where a significant number of U.S. Naval families were displaced when a ten foot storm surge swept over the lower keys.  Not only were homes and apartments flooded, but also the training facilities, restaurants, and retail enterprises in the area.

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A turbine explosion caused by a tornado strike in North Florida devastated one of our client's 3 unit power plant that supplied most of the power for their manufacturing facility. The forced plant shutdown  This situation required us to mobilize to the site within 3 hours and set up massive generators ...

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