Disaster Recovery 

Hurricane Wilma Disaster Recovery
U.S. Naval Air Stations in Key West Florida

When hurricane Wilma struck Key West, Florida in November of 2005 a significant number of families were displaced from their homes due to a ten foot storm surge that swept over the lower keys, including our U.S. Naval bases. The task to be accepted was to allow the men and women of our armed forces to return to their homes as soon as possible. Not only were homes and apartments flooded, but also the training facilities, restaurants, and retail enterprises in the area. 

Shortly after the Hurricane, Lang Environmental (LEI) was awarded a contract with KBR to conduct asbestos abatement and mold remediation services at the U.S. Naval facilities. We mobilized that day to start the project. LEI arrived in Key West being one of four abatement contractors (the other three firms are nationally ranked in the top 200 of their class according to ENR) to conduct services for KBR. Starting with 30 technicians to begin the remediation process, LEI was the last of the contractors to demobilize. We became the preferred contractor for the following reasons:

  • Our dedicated and experienced onsite supervision team.
  • Our knowledge in the preparation and containment of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) work area that meets or exceeds requirements.
  • Our focus on customer service to insure a productive working relationship with the owner’s onsite representatives and others working on the project.
  • The quality of work and detailed work procedures insured that we continually exceeded the Navy’s stringent mold testing criteria.
  • Our production rates.
  • Our attention to detail when completing the necessary KBR paperwork.
With the above standards put in place LEI’s staff grew in size to over 140. LEI started as the smallest contractor on site and through our performance eventually became the last and preferred contractor to perform all the services for KBR at the U.S. Naval facilities. The project duration was approximately 4 months and after all final close out and de-mobilization was complete, the final contract value was over $6.5 million.

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