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With over 30 years of providing services, Lang Environmental, Inc. has taken great pride in our consistent record of safety and in our concern for the safety, health, and welfare of all our employees and customers. There is no other aspect of our work that takes on greater priority.

It is our Lang Environmental, Inc. policy to:

  • Provide safe working environments and conduct all company activities in a manner that reduces risk to all employees and to all other workers.
  • Maintain all office, equipment, and jobsite conditions in ways that eliminate risk to visitors and the public, and eliminate risk of damage to property and equipment.
  • Provide safe, well-maintained equipment, proper training for all equipment operators, and instruction on safe methods and procedures.
  • Comply with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations as they apply to all work performed.
  • Never accept any unsafe working condition for any reason, and take immediate corrective action when any safety violation is observed.
Our goal is 100% accident-free work, while ensuring our tradition of quality work and client satisfaction. The good intentions, cooperation, and good judgment by all employees in the use of safe and responsible work practices is the path toward continued personal and company improvement.

Lang Environmental has written and training programs as required by OSHA, which include the following:

  • Hazardous Communications
  • Respiratory Protection Program
  • Blood borne Pathogens Program
  • Medical Surveillance Program
  • Company Safety Policy Statement
  • OSHA Inspection Policy
  • Company Safety Program
  • Accident Program
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Safety Rules and Regulations
  • All supervisors have the OSHA 10 hour course
  • Lang Environmental, Inc. have a “Drug Free Work Place” program, in accordance with State of Florida requirements
  • All supervisors have the American Heart Association CPR and first responder class 


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